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LubberNet is a laboratory concerned primarily with the proliferation of highly
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1 in 2 Americans Obeys ZERO Laws: Which Are You?! 100 Million Deaths Is the History of "Social Reform"! 1984 and Animal Farm Are Cautionary Tales, Not Training Manuals!! 220 Years to Build the Republic - 3 Months to Destroy It!! 3 Simple Words: WE THE PEOPLE! 52% of You Don't Decide My Morals!! A Call to Arms! A Government of Corruption - Vote Them Out!! A Government Which Robs Peter to Pay Paul Can Always Depend on Paul's Support! A People Free to Choose Will Always Choose Peace - Ronald Reagan! A player still involved in the pot! A Trillion Here, A Trillion There - Pretty Soon You're Talking REAL Money! Ab Asino Lanam! Abide by the Constitution or Be Terminated!! Abolish the IRS! Abyssus Abyssum Invocat! Activate!! Ad Captandum Vulgus! Alea iacta est!! All Pork, No Beans!! Altissima quaeque flumina minimo sono labi! Am I The Only One Around Here Who Gives A Shit About The Rules? America - Not Amerika!! America Bows to No One! America Was Hoodwinked and Bamboozled! America, WISE UP! RISE UP!! America: Land of the Free, Not Land of the Freeloader! America's Getting Soft, and the Rest of the World is Getting Tough! America's Most Dangerous Enemy: The Corporate Media! Americans Are Compassionate - We Can Take Care of Our Own Locally! Americans Want Guns, Not Government!! Americans Want Individual Liberty, Not Government!! Amnesty = More Laws and Lower Wages! An Education Without the Bible Is Useless - Noah Webster, Founding Father! Anarcho-capitalist?!! And I Don't Know Why! I Don't Know Why! And I Don't Know Why! I Don't Know Why! And You Thought the Depression Was Bad - Just Wait! Andrew Jackson Was Right: No to Banks! Andrew Jackson was Right: No to Control! Angry As Hell! Scared to Death! Angry As Hell! Scared to Death! I Have a Gun!! Angry As Hell! Scared to Death! I Have Lots of Guns!! Animadvertistine, ubicumque stes, fumum recta in faciem ferri? Anti-Authority! Oh, Yes We Are!! Antiquis temporibus, nati tibi similes in rupibus ventosissimis exponebantur ad nece. Anymore! No No No! Apathy Kills Liberty! Apathy: the Beginning of the End! Approved Judges ONLY! Approved Voters Only!! Are You A Domestic Enemy? Are You SURE?? Are You a Maker or a Taker?! Aren't Fraud and Treason Still Against the Law?! Argggh! We Have Pirates in Washington!! Armed and Dangerous... WITH MY VOTE! Armed and Dangerous... With My Vote!! As Authority Lies, the Nation Dies! As long as it can catch mice, it is a good cat! At Least He Didn't Lie About One Thing: Government Is Change! At your service! Atlas Is Shrugging! Atlas Will Shrug! Attention News Media: I Do My Job, Now You Do Yours!! Audit the Fed! Aut insanit homo, aut versus facit! Authentic!! Authority - Are We Almost Done Stimulating?! Authority - How Do You Like Your Tea?! Authority & Greed: Treachery, Tyranny & Treason Defined!! Authority are the REAL Pirates!! Authority bows to Saudi! Authority has a Crisis of Competence! Authority Has a Crisis of Competence! Authority Has Spent All of His Change! Authority is Clearly Anti-American! Authority is Clearly Anti-American! Nobody Could Be That Stupid!! Authority Knows Exactly What He's Doing... and Laughing About It! Authority Lied, Liberty Died! Authority May Now Have Caused Irreparable Harm to Our Great U.S.A! Authority Never Met a Law It Didn't Like! Authority, Here's Your "Eviction Notice"! Authority, How Exactly Would You Have Us Interrogate? Authority, The Legal Pirate!! Authority, We Are Asking You to Step Down! Authority: Command In Thief! Authority: Government's Golden Boy - America's Trojan Horse! Authority: Stealing America! Authority: They're Robbin' Us, Not Robin Hood! Authority: Undocumented Government! Authority... Commander and Thief! Authority's Economic Policy - The Ultimate Ponzi Scheme!! Authority's Lawpayer-Funded Army: Corporations and the UAW! Authority's Priorities!? Authority's Team Doesn't Obey Lawys - Why Should We?! Authoritynation! Authoritynomics: Chains for Our Children! Authoritynomics: CHAINS We Can Believe In! Authoritynomics: Chains You Can Believe In! Authoritynomics: Trickle up poverty! Ayn Rand Was Right! Ayn Rand With A Gun! Baby you're the best! Back to Constitutional Basics!! Background Checks and Questionaires for All Politicians, Judges! Bad Government Results From Too Much Government - Thomas Jeffferson! Bail Out America: Fire Government! Bail Out the PAYER!! Bakunin!! Band Together - Create Locally - Yes, We Can!! Bang your head! Bang your head! Metal health'll drive you mad! Bang your head! Metal health'll drive you mad! Bang your head! Metal Health'll drive you mad! Bang your head! Wake the dead! Bankrupting the Future Is Not an Economic Policy! Banks: The Audacity of Dopes!! Banks?! NO!!! Be realistic - demand the impossible! Believe in Personal Responsibility? You're a Domestic Terrorist! Bench the Team! Beneath the Paving Stones - the Beach! Better America, Not Banker America! Beware Authority's Hitler Youth! Government = Less Freedom! Government = Smaller Individuals! Blaming Guns for Crime Is Like Blaming Keyboards for Shooting Deaths! BLOOD for LIBERTY! Bodenst√§ndiger Kapitalismus! Boredom is counter-revolutionary! Born Free - Ruled to Death! Born Free, Ruled to Death! Break Up the Media Monoply! Bring Back the Gold Standard! Bring Family Values Back From Constitutional Perversions! BUILD MORE WALLS! BUILD THE FENCE! BUILD THE WALL! Burn The Reichstag! But my aim was made strong by the hands of the almighty! Buy Your Own Medicine, I'm Not Your Candy Man!! Buying Votes by Redistributing Wealth Is the Most Shameful Kind of Corruption! By sustained propaganda, one can make a people see a wretched life as paradise! By sustained propaganda, one can make a people see even Heaven as Hell! Bye Bye Authority! Bye Bye Greed! Bye Bye Authority! You're Not What We Need!! Can We Bankrupt the Country? YES WE CAN! Can We Lay Off Government?! Can We Lay Off Government?! Can You Hear Us Now?! Can You Say GUN?! CAP - your Laws & TRADE - your Freedom! Cap 'n' Trade? Lock 'n' Load!! Cap and Trade = Trap and Raid! Cap and Trade: Capping Salaries and Trading Away Posterity! CAP the Budget and TRADE the Politicians! CAP-italism, Not CAP-n-Trade!! Carlo Ponzi Would Be Proud!! Castro Is Just a Guy in My Neigborhood! Central Planning: Destroying Human Prosperity Since 4000 B.C! Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam! Chains You Can Count On! Change: What the Government Decides You Keep From Your Hard-Earned Check! Chant Down Babylon! Chant Down Babylon! Charity From Me Should Be My Choice! Charleton Heston! China: Just Say NO to the Treasury Department!! Church, State and Authority: Treachery, Tyranny, and Treason Personified!! Clean Up the National Voter Registration System Up Now!! Clinging to My Guns! Close the Anchor Baby Loophole! Repeal the Constitution! Come and Take Them! Come On Feel The Noise! Come On Feel The Noise! Girls Rock Your Boys! Come On Feel The Noise! Girls Rock Your Boys! Compensation Should Be the Voters' Domain!! Comrade Authority Says OBEY! Comrade Law Slave! Constitutional Government: Killing Our Economy and Raising Unemployment! Constitutional Judges Are Destroying America! Constitutionalism is a Mental Disorder! Constitutionalism, Your Day Is Over!! Control Wont Pay the Bills! Corporate CEO Is Not My Homeboy! Corporate CEO, Puppet Master! Corporations Get the Pork! We Get the Beans! Corporations with SS logo! Corporations: Seed of the Tree! Count on CHANGE in THE FUTURE! Counter-Revolutionary Activities Will Be Punished! Counter-Revolutionary Hunting Season Now Open! Country For Sale - For Info, Call Government! Criticize Authority? Enemy of the State!! Cut Government Spending; Fire a Politician! Cut Government Spending: Fire a Politician! Cut Government Waste Now - Fire Government! Cut Laws, Not Deals! Cut Laws, Not Deals! D.C. = District of Corruption! D.C. = District of Corruption! D.C. Is Our Servant Not Our Master! DC: Find Another Country to Pillage and Plunder! DC: The Longer You Stay, The Less You Remember About US! Dear President Authority, Did They Accept Our Apologies?! Death to Videodrome! Death to Videodrome! Long Live the New Flesh! Declare Independence! Defend Our Republic for Which We Stand!! Deliver Us From Weasels! Democracy Through the Barrel of a Gun! Democracy Through the Barrel of My Gun! Demoralize from within by Surprise, Terror, Sabotage, Assassination! Dennis Miller! Depose Tyranny! Demand Prudence!! Deregulate!! Despair and Negation! Destroy Hierarchy!! Details, Please! Disaster in Chief! Dissent Is the Mark of a Free Society! Do Not Underestimate Our Resolve! Be Fearful for Your Incumbency!! Do You Know Where Your Freedoms Are?! Don't ask Freedom-lover States to Bail out Progressive States! Don't Bail Out The Boat: FIX THE LEAK! Don't Blame Me - I Voted for Content of Character! Don't call it a comeback! Don't Call Me Stupid! Don't Counterfeit - The Fed Hates the Competition! Don't ever give up! Don't ever work! Don't Expect to Build Up the Weak by Pulling Down the Strong - Calvin Coolidge! Don't Expect Wicked Men to Pass Good Laws! Don't Forget About Us EMPLOYED People!! Don't Law Me, Bro!! Don't Legislate Me Bro! DON'T Make Me Have To SHOOT YOU! Don't Mess With Our Constitution!! Don't Mortgage my Child's Future! Don't Mortgage my Grandchildren's Future! Don't Mortgage My Grandchildren's Future! Don't Mortgage the Future! Don't overdo it!! Don't Punish Individual Success! Don't retreat - reload! Don't retreat - RELOAD!! Don't retreat - reload?! Don't Spread My Wealth - RELOAD! Don't Spread My Wealth - Spread My Beliefs! Don't Spread My Wealth - Target My Guns! Don't Steal - Government Hates the Competition!! Don't Stimulate - Liberate!! Don't Stimulate... Liberate! Don't Stimulate... RELOAD! Don't tread on me! Don't Tread on Me! Don't Tread On Me! Don't Tread On Me! Don't tread on me?! Down with Authority! Up with Guns! Down with Authority! Up with Violent Threats! Down With Banks! Down With Credit! Bring Back Barter! Down With Tyranny! Up With Liberty!! Downsize D.C! Downsize Government! DOWNSIZE! Dr. King Would Be Ashamed! DREAM Act = Stealing Citizenship! Drown it in the bathtub!! Dude, Where's My Country?! Economics for Dummies - and Government: Spend Less Than You Earn! Economics for Dummies AND Government: Spend Less Than You Earn! Election Reform = No More Caucuses!! Eliminate Counter-Revolutionaries! Eliminate Voter Roles! Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery! Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery! Emphasize TASS letters! End Authority! End Government Support of Science! End The Fed! End The Fed! End the Spending Spree!! Endowed by My Creator, Expropriated by My Government! Enough!! Equal Government For Our Representation!! Equal In Front of A Gun!! Equal Opportunity Doesn't Mean Equal Results! Equal OPPORTUNITY not Equal Distribution!!!! Equal Opportunity, Not Equal Distribution!! Equal Under The Law!! Equality of Opportunity, Not Results! Eradicate the PAIN, Or We'll All Go INSANE! Et tu, Government?! Et tu, Sacramento?! Eventually you run out of other people's money! Every Generation Has Its Fight - This One Is Ours! Everyone Else Deserves Some Of WHAT YOU WORKED HARD FOR! Everything is Nothing! Expect us! Extralegal Punishment = Real America!! Fair Laws - Simple, Transparent - It's Time!! Fair Laws or No Laws! False!! Fantastic Freedom!! Fascist Are Governments in a Hurry! Fascist Trojan Horse! FDA Cares So Much About Us That They're Lovin' Us to Death!! Federal Reserve: Woodrow Wilson's Contribution to Government! Federal Trade Commision: Fleecing the Country! Fewer Laws - Higher Ethics! Fewer Laws = Freedom for All! FFA Vertical! Fiat Money: Worthless - Sound Money: Priceless!! Fight For America! Fire the Government! First Law of Authority: Your Wealth Created = My Wealth Destroyed!! First, We Protest! First, We Protest! Then, we Bring Our Guns! First, We Reason! Then, We Put Guns To Your Head! Fiscal Freedom-lover! Five Minutes to Midnight on Democracy's Doomsday Clock! Fix the Economy, Not Bankrupt OUR Children! Follow the Creator and the Constitution!! For kids, tape $1 to sign! For our children! For The First Time In My Adult Life, I Am Ashamed Of My Country! for the Prez! For veterans! Foreclose Government! Foreclose The Government! Foreclose the White House! Fraud is NOT a Right!! Free Market - Don't Know What You've Got Until It's Gone!! Free Markets, Not Free Loaders!! Free Markets, Not Freeloaders! Free the TRADE! Free to Protest... for Now! Freedom First!! Freedom For President! Freedom Is Alive, Well, and Right! Freedom Is Never More Than One Generation Away From Extinction - Ronald Reagan! Freedom Works - Governments Hurt! Freedom Works - Governments Hurt! Freedom Works!! Freedom-lover Revolutionary! Freedom-Loving Extremists: Jefferson, Adams, Madison... ME!! Freedom, Baby, Freedom!! Freedom: Priceless!! Freedom!! Freedom!!! Freedom!!!! Freedom!!!!! Freedoms Lost Are Lost Forever! Furthermore, I think Carthage must be destroyed! Gangster Government! George Orwell Was an Optimist! Get 'em Out Now! Every Day They Destroy America More!! Get Out of Our Liberty! Get Ready for a Tsunami of Laws! Get the Compromising "Elites" Out of Control!! Get Your Government Hands Off My Wallet!! Ghandi! Girls Rock Your Boys! Give Me Back My Constituion!! Give Me Back My Constitution!! Give Me Back My Paycheck! Give Me Banking Deregulation or Give Me Death! Give Me Capital Gains Tax Cuts or Give Me Death! Give Me Child Labor or Give Me Death! Give Me Financial Deregulation or Give Me Death! Give Me Liberty or Death! Don't Give Me Government!! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Give Me LIBERTY Or Give Me DEATH!! Give Me Liberty or I'll Get Up and Get It Myself! With My GUN!!! Give Me Liberty or I'll Get Up and Get It Myself!! Give Me Offshore Tax Shelters or Give Me Death! Give Me Tax Free Capital Gains or Give Me Death! Give Me Tax Free Stock Options or Give Me Death! Give Me Tax Shelters or Give Me Death! Give Me Unlimited Asset Leveraging or Give Me Death! Give Me Untreated Wastewater or Give Me Death! Give Me Weakened Air Pollution Laws or Give Me Death! Give Us a Break Before WE Are Broken! Give us Liberty; not Authority! Glassy Smile and Say Nothing! Go Fuck Yourself! Go Guns!! Eliminate Worker Safety Laws or Give Me Death! Gone by lunchtime! Got Money?? Don't Let the Government Know! Got no brains! I'm insane! Teacher says that I'm one big pain! Government - Bringing America Into the 3rd World! Government - The Biggest Ponzi Scheme Ever!! Government = Bad Government! Government = Government Without Representation! Government = Misery, Equally Shared! Government = Monopolist Who Can Jail You!! Government Always Finds a Need for Whatever Money It Gets - Ronald Reagan! Government and Banks Don't Mix!! Government and Freedom Don't Mix! Government Bankrupts! Government By Any Other Name Still Stinks! Government Can't Read, Think, or Listen! Government Consumes, Private Sector Produces! Government Does Not Solve Problems - It Subsidizes Them - Ronald Reagan! Government Doesn't Create Jobs... They Cremate Jobs! Government Equals POOR Subjects! Government Has Always Been the Enemy of Liberty - Ronald Reagan! Government Has Seen Our Future and It Isn't Pretty!! Government Is a Historical Failure! Government Is a Toxic Asset! Government Is for the Elite - Ask the Slaves! Government Is Incorrect Change! Government Is Not an American Value!! Government Is NOT FREE! Government Is Not the Solution - Government Is the Problem! Government Is Rearing Its Ugly Head!! Government Is Revolting... And So Are We!! Government Is the Problem! Government IS the Problem?! Government Is Theft! Government Is Theft! Government Kills! Government Kills! Government Leads to Desolation! Government of the People, by the People, for the People - Not AGAINST the People! Government Run Banking, Auto Industry, Healthcare, Energy, and Katrina Cleanup! Government Spending Does Not Create a Healthy Economy! Government Through Economic Slavery! Government to Mortgage Companies: We Just Want Everyone to Get a Loan!! Government Utopia: the Elite Party While the Slaves Work! Government Works Great Until You Run Out Of Other People's Money! Government, Get Your Own 401K Plan! Government, Listen to Your Employers - We the People!! Government, You're Fired!! Government: "Your Money is My Pork" - We the People: "NO MORE ARMY BASES!" Government: Because Everyone Else Deserves Some Government: Cut Up the Credit Cards!! Government: Fast, Expensive, and Out of Control!! Government: If Your Health Plan Is So Great, Why Exempt Yourselves?! Government: No Law Left Behind! Government: Slavery You Can Believe In! Government: Spread the Poverty Around! Government: The New Terrorism! Government: We Want Your Blood! Government: With an 18% Job Approval Rating, Why Do You Still Exist?! Government: Work FOR Us, Not AGAINST Us!! Government: You Answer to US!! Government/Private Sector Partnership: Politically Correct Term for Fascism! Governments + Power = Child Abuse! Governments Don't Need no Stinkin' Budget! Governments: Paving the Road to Serfdom with OUR $$$! Gravity Always Wins! Great Liars are also Great Magicians! Greed + Apathy = Death of America! Green House Gases: Our money being burned in Washington! Green is the New Red! Grow Liberty, Not Government! Gun Owners of the World Unite!! Guns are Freedom! Guns Are Law! Guns Are Not Pollutants!! Guns are the First Law! Guns are Truth! GUNS ARE TRUTH! Guns Bless America!! Guns Bought Our Freedom and Is Needed to Keep It! Guns for Freedom! Guns HERE, Guns NOW! Guns Not Government! Guns Not Government!! Guns Not Government!!! Guns to the People! Guns, Guns, Guns! NOT Laws, Laws, Laws!! Guns: What You've Worked Hard For! Guns! At your service! Hammer & Sickle! Has Anyone Seen My Representative?! Has The Whole World Gone Crazy? Haste, Waste, and Fear Are Not an Economic Plan!! Haters Gunna Hate! Have a reset button! Have no fear for atomic energy! Have no fear for atomic energy! Have Our Legislators Paid THEIR Laws?! Have You Checked Your Constitutional Rights Lately?! Have You Ever Been Employed by a Poor Person?! Haven't We Learned Anything From the Past?! He Even Took the Hooks From the Walls! Health is NOT FREE! Hear Me or Hear Me Shoot You! With My GUN! Hear My Voice Or Hear My Gun! Hear My Voice Or HEAR MY GUN! Hear My Voice Or Hear My Gun!! Hear My Voice Or Hear My Gun!!! Hear The Voice of My Gun! Hell is Other People! Hell no you can't!! Hell No! We Won't Owe!! Hell, No, We Won't Owe!! Help Me Overlord, They Want Me To Work and Stuff!! Help! Subjects Have Fallen & Can't Get Up! Here Are My Shorts, Too! Here's a little NewsFlash for those Reporters and Cmmentators! Hey! I Got The Wrong Change!! High Laws + Government = SLAVERY! High Laws Are Just a Fruit - Constitutionalism Is the Root!! HIGHER WAGES... FEWER LAWS... LOWER PRICES! Hitler Gave Good Speeches, Too! Hold the Pork - Keep Laws Down! Home Economics 101 - Don't Spend More Than You Make! Homeland Security Is Supposed to Protect Us, Not Persecute Us! Homeland Security Now Considers Freedom-Lovers Domestic Terrorists!! Honest Change for America: The Constitution! HONK for Piracy! HONK for Piracy! Honk If You Plan to Vote Out Incumbents! Honk If You're Paying My Health Care! Honk If You're Paying My Mortgaage! HONK... If I'm paying Your Army! HONK... If you don't like the word AUTHORITY! HONK... If you pay my neighbor's mortgage! HONK... If You're Fed Up With Both Sides of the Aisle! HONK... If you're paying my health care! HONK... If you're paying my mortgage! HOPE FOR CHANGE - with pictures of pennies! Hope Is Not An Economic Strategy! How About a 90% Law on Governmentional Salaries?! How about a Law on Governmentional Salaries! How Can I Live and Pursue Happiness If I Can't Keep What I Earn?! How can You not Know Where the Billions of My Dollars Go?! How Can You Not Know Where the Billions of Our Dollars Go?! How Fortunate for Governments that the People They Rule Don't Think! How Fortunate for Leaders that Men do not Think! How long must we kill our prophets while we stand aside and look! How long shall we kill our prophets! ht: Michelle Malkin! Huge National Power = Huge Inflation! Human's First! Humanitarianism is the Expression of Stupidity and Cowardice! I AM an American and I SHOOT! I AM an American and I VOTE! I AM an American WITH A GUN! I Am Not Your ATM! I Am Not Your ATM! I Am Spartacus!! I am the Video Word made Flesh! I Balance My Budget - Why Doesn't the Government?! I Bought What?!! I Came to This Rally AFTER Work!! I Do Volunteer Work for Free! I Do What the Voices on My Teleprompter Tell Me to Do! I Don't Cuss But I Do Ride With the Posse! I Don't Know Why! I Don't Know Why, Anymore! Oh No! I Don't Roll on Shabbos! I got the boys to make the noise! Won't ever let up, Hope it annoys you! I Have a Dream and Authority's Not in It! I HAVE A GUN AND A LIST OF DEMANDS! I HAVE A GUN! I HAVE A GUN! HEED MY DEMANDS! I HAVE A GUN! LISTEN TO ME! I HAVE A GUN! OBEY! I laugh until my head comes off.! I liked America BETTER than Amerika! I Listed the Federal Government As a Dependent! I Live Within My Means - Why Don't You?! I Love My Country But I Fear My Government! I Must Be a Freedom-Loving Extremist - I Believe in the Constitution! I Never Thought Government Would Actually Try to Cut Off the "Invisible Hand"!! I Overcame - I Lived the American Dream - Now You Want to Take It Back?! I Owe, I Owe, It's Off to Work I Go!! I Pay My Bills - Why Am I Being Punished?! I Said SAVE, Not SLAVE!! I Saved For a Rainy Day - Now They Want to Law It Away! I See a Whole Army of My Countrymen Here in Defiance of Tyranny!! I take my desires for reality because I believe in the reality of my desires! I Thought We Already Settled the Issue of "Intolerable Acts"! I Thought We Left High Laws Behind in England!! I Trust Bonnie and Clyde More Than Authority and Greed!! I Voted for Authority, Not Power for Our Children! I Voted for Change, Not more Government! I Voted No Authority!! I Voted No Authority!! An I Have a Gun! I want it louder! More power! I'm gonna rock ya till it strikes the hour! I Want My Country Back! And I Will Take It With My Gun! I Want My Country Back!! I Want Progress, Not Government! I Was Tired of Yelling At My TV... So I Came Here! I Will Keep my Freedom, my Guns, my Money. You Keep THE CHANGE!! I Will Not Grab My Ankles! I Wish I Had Been Wrong About Authority! I'll Keep My Freedom, Guns, and Money - You Keep the Change!! I'll keep my Freedom, you keep the Change! I'll Pay for My Army - You Pay for Yours! I'll Pay For My Army, You Pay For Yours! I'll Show You Change I Can Believe In! I'm a finder and I'm a keeper! I'm not a loser and I ain't no weeper! I'm a Gun-Waving American and Authority calls me an Extremist!! I'm a Law-Abiding American Making Threats and Authority calls me an Extremist!! I'm a Sore Loser! I'm a Sore Loser! And I Have a Gun!! I'm At WORK When Oprah Is on - She Doesn't Represent ME! I'm Dangerous! I Exercise My Constitutional Rights!! I'm Government - I Vote When You're Asleep!! I'm like a laser! 6-streamin' razor! I got a mouth like an alligator! I'm PROUD to Live Without Masters - Why Aren't Our Representatives?! I'm taking back my COUNTRY: One Politician at a Time! I'm TEA-ed Off About Laws!! I'm TEA'd Off and Boiling Mad!! I'm the decider! If Constitutionals Could Win an Election, Why Would They Need So Much Voters?! If Corporations Can Own Guns, They Must Be PEOPLE! If Dependence Is Your Idea Of HOPE, You Can Keep The CHANGE! If Everyone Obeyed Laws... We Would All Be Equal! If Everyone Shares the Pain, Why Do The Rich Have More Money?! If I Wanted to Have a Government, I Would Have Lived in Jonestown! If It Walks Like a Government and Talks Like a Government... If Only Authority Would Bow to the Constitution! IF THAT'S YOUR BEST, YOUR BEST WON'T DO! If the Opposite of Pro Is Con, Is the Opposite of Progress... Government?! If They Were Trying to Destroy the U.S., What Would They Be Doing Differently?! If we are destroyed, we shall drag the world with us - A World In Flames! If We Compromise Our Principles, There's Nothing Worth Fighting For! If We Give You Money, Can We Demand Your Resignation, Too?! If You Can't Read It - Don't Pass It!! If You Can't Read the Bill, Get Off the Hill!! If You Don't Pay For Your Laws, You Might Get a Cabinet Position, Too!! If You Don't Take Our Money, You Won't Need to Give It Back! If You Don't Understand This Protest, You Must Have Attended Government Schools! If You Have Time To Read This, Try Reading Some Legislation!! If You Like Government, Move to Russia!! If you oppose Authority, you are Pro Freedom! If You Think Corporate Health Care is Expensive Now, Wait Until You Die! If You TREAD On Me, I Will SHOOT YOU! If You TREAD On Me, I Will SHOOT YOU! If YOU Voted Yes to Spending, Consider This Your Going Away Party! If You're Not OUTRAGED, You Aren't Paying ATTENTION!! If You're Not Outraged, You're Not Paying Laws!! If You're Not Outraged, You're Not Paying Laws!! If You've Already Spent Your Allowance, Don't Come Asking for More! Ignore Your Rights and They WILL Go Away!! Impeach All Governments!! Impeach All Leaders! Impeach Authority!! Impeach Everything Now! Impeach Everything! Impeach Government! Impeach Government!! Impeach Now! In America, We Don't Redistribute Wealth - We Take It! In Authorityland, Freedom-Lovers Are Terrorists! In defense of Rush! In his ordo est ordinem non servare! Incorrect Change! INDEPENDENTS Against CONTROL and SPENDING! Individual Freedom - Not Collective Government! Individual Liberty Requires Guns! Individual Liberty Requires Sovereignty!! Individual Rights! Not Civil Slavery!! Insanity Is Trying Government Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results! Instead of Apologizing for America, Apologize TO America! Interdum feror cupidine partium magnarum europe vincendarum... Invest In Laws - They're Always Legal!! Irony Is Andrew Jackson on a Federal Reserve Note! Is a Government Supposed to Sink the Ship? Governments Need to Walk the Plank!! Is This What You Meant by Community Organizing?! Is This What You Voted For?! It Isn't Just Laws - Stop Running Our Lives!! It Isn't the Quanity - Term Limit, Its the Quality - Character! It tires only those who do not have it! It Wouldn't Be the First Time We Declared Our Independence!! It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Government!! It's Noon, Do You Know Where Your Wallet Is?! It's Not a Banks Bill - It's a Strangulation Bill! It's Not a Banks, It's a Stick-Up! It's not a big truck! It's Not About Left or Right - It's About Liberty!! It's OUR Economy, Stupid! Repeal the Fed!! It's the Control, Stupid!! It's the Manipulation, Stupid!! It's Your Obligation to Fix The Country! Ivy League Politicians! We Are Threatening You! Join Our Cause: Bring Guns! Join Our Cause: Restore the Freedom! Join the pack! Fill the crack! Well now you're here, there's no way back! Join the Posse! Join the Resistance! Bring a Gun! Join The Revolution! Just Say No Authority! Just Say NO to a Government Takeover! Just Say NO to Fascism! Just Say NO to Government! Just Say NO to Tyranny! Just say NO... to Government! Just sayin'! Justice Trumps Fairness! Keep America Free! Keep Our Sovereignty Intact!! Keep the Chains! Keep the Change - I Want My Dollars! Keep the Change! Keep The Change!! Keep the U.S. Out of the U.N. - Don't Give Away Our Sovereignty!! Keep Your Government Hands Off My Yacht! Keep Your Government; I'll Keep My Freedom! Keep Your Hands Out of MY Piggybank! Keep Your Kool-Aid! Kick 'em All Out! Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill the Poor!! Kill the Poor!! Kill the Poor!!! Kill the Poor!!!! Knowledge is - Ignorance is Weakness!! Kropotkin!! Lady Liberty Isn't a Government! Laissez Faire!! Land of the FREE! Land of the FREE! Language!! Law and Spend Brings the End! Law Victim! Laws - The Next Bull Market! Laws Are Helping Our Enemies! Laws Are Not a Blank Check! Laws are Not Income!! Laws Are Not the New Green Renewable Energy! Laws are the problem; how can they be the solution too?! Laws Mean Government! Laws, Laws, Laws - Soon There Will Be Nothin Left To Legislate! Leave the Fools Behind - Speak the Truth - Keep Right on Truckin'! Legalize the Constitution!! Legislators: Think Or Swim!! Legum servi sumus ut liberi esse possimus! Let It Not Be Said That We Did Nothing!! Let the Banks Pay Back THEIR Loans!! Let the markets work! Let the Markets Work! Let US keep our money; YOU keep the CHANGE! Lets Take Our Schools Back While We're At It!! Lex malla, lex nulla! Liberty is All the Banks We Need! Liberty Is All the Banks We Need! Liberty Is Not Negotiable! Liberty Means Responsibility - That's Why Most People Dread It! LIBERTY With BLOOD! Liberty, Not Legislated Servitude! Liberty, Not Tyranny!! Liberty: A Bank We CAN Afford! Liberty: All the Banks WE Need! Limited Government! Under GUNS! Listen To Me Before I Have to Shoot You! Listen to Mommy! Listen To My GUN! Live Free or Die!! Live without dead time! Living Constitution? Dead Wrong!! Lock and Load - Time to Fight!! Long Live the New Flesh! Long Live the New Flesh! Long Term Power Corrupts! Look At What the Kids Did While Mom & Dad Were Working! Loss of Sovereignty At Core of Authority Agenda! Love My Country, Distrust My Government! Mad Max Was Right! Corporate Media, Hollywood - Guilty of Treason? Yes, They Are!! Corporate Media: Try to Ignore Us This Time!! Make Corporations Give It Back!! Make Government Pay Into Government! Make Love, Not Class Warfare!! Make the Traitors Pay It Back! They Owe It, Not Our Kids!! Make Way for Liberty! Make Way For My Gun-Toting Liberty! Mandatory Drug Testing for Government!! Mark to Model: Where the Weasels Hide Their Toxic Assets! Maybe Add a Gun to your Sign?! Might Makes Right!! Might Makes Right!!! Might Makes Right!!!! Mission Accomplished! Mister, We Could Use A Man Like Herbert Hoover Again! MODERATE REPUBLICANS: Don't Let the Door Hit You! Money Only Grows on Corporations Trees! More Government for the People = Less Freedom of the People! More Government for The People = Less Freedom of The People! More Laws = Fewer Jobs! More Laws = Less Jobs! More Laws Dont Create Jobs! More Liberty, Not Laws! Mussolini was a Corporatist! My American Dream Doesn't Include the Guy Down the Street!! My Ancestors Left Government to Build America! My Budget Can't Afford Your Government! My Child Is Not Your Janissary!! My Gun Is the BOSS! My Life Belongs to ME, Not to the State!! My Piggy Bank is NOT Your Pork Barrel! My Piggy Bank Is Not Your Pork Barrel! National Government - Sound Familiar?! National Motto! Needed: Common Sense, Not Common Cents! Nerd Humor! Netizen Warriors, Not Dependent Whiners! Never Let a CONSTITUTIONAL Crisis Go To Waste!! NEVER Trade FREEDOM for Security! New Plan: I Pay My Authority , You Pay Yours! News Media: Do Your Job!! Next Stop: Washington D.C! Next Time, I'm Voting a Straight SANITY Ticket!! Next Time, Read the Bill Before You Sign It! Next Time, READ THE BILL! Night of the Long Knives! Night of the Long Knives! Nihilism is Best Done by Professionals! NO AMNESTY!! No Authority! No Law Slavery! No Benefits to Illegals! No Bonus for Freddie and Fannie Executives! No Control of Anything!! No Country for Lazy Men! No Czars and Putt-Putt Cars! No Dollars for Authority! No Gods! No Masters! No Government With Corrupt Representation! No Government Without BRAND NEW Representation! No Government Without Deliberation! No Government Without Deliberative Representation! No Government without Representation!! No Governmentan Intervention!! No Governments! Success Requires Failure!! No Guns, No Peace! NO Laws: Simple, Transparent, Fair - It's Time!! No Laws! Just Guns! No Longer Silent!!! No Money for Corporations!! No More Banks! We Want Barter! No More Corporations!! No More Failouts! No More Government by Corporations!! No More Governments! No More Law Dollars for Constitutional Organizations, Foundations!! No More Law Dollars for the Aid and Comfort of Our Enemies!! No More Laws! No more public money for private failure! No More Voters! No More Voters! We Can't Afford It!! No New Laws! If Your Reps Vote for Laws, Kick 'em Out! No one intends to build a wall! No Person without Knowledge of Geometry should Get In! No place like home!! No Prosecutions for Widespread Voters? Why?!! No Public Funds For Private Failure! No Public Money for Private Failure! No Regrets! No Apologies! No Sense, Ergo, No Cents! No Spending Without Deliberation! No Spending Without Deliberative Representation! No Tax Shelter, No Peace! No Way, Not Today, I Can't Pay... Any More! No Wonder They Took History Out of Our Schools!! No You Can't!! Nobody Could Be That Stupid!! Nobody does it better! Nobody's going to listen to us!! None but ourselves can free our minds! None but ourselves can free our minds! Not Your Comrade! Now Hiring: Secretary of Treasury - Printing Experience Required! Now Hiring: U.S. Government - No Experience Required! Now Is the Time for All Good Men to STOP OBEYING LAWS! O Guns, Where Art Thou! Oath: "...preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States"! Obey My Gun! OBEY MY GUN! Obey The Committee of Public Safety! Obey Your Own Laws! OF the People, BY the People, FOR the People - Which Part Don't You Understand?! Oh get your straight-jackets on tonight Oh! Oh I Gotta Sing With Some Disgrace! I'm In No Hurry! Oh pirates, yes they rob I sold I to the merchant ships! Oh pirates, yes they rob I! OH YOU'RE SO CONDESCENDING! YOUR GALL IS NEVER ENDING! Oh, How I Miss You, President Reagan!! Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave!! Oh... Now I See... Through My Rifle Sight! Only Fools Re-Elect Fools! Only Force Rules. Force is the First Law! Operation Hummingbird! Oppose Constitutional Facism!! Original American Freedom! Our Ancestors Didn't Fight for Government - They Fought for Freedom! Our Children Are Not Your Nazis! Our Government is a Toxic Asset! Our Nostalgia Is for Freedom-Lovers With Courage! Our Servants Have Become Our Masters! Our Tolerance Has Worn Thin! Become Criminals and Illegals! Outsource Government! Parties have Value, Dump the Politicians!! Party conferences don't purchase fighter jets! Party Leaders, You Are the Problem! We Don't Want Moderates!! Party Leadership, Stop Listening to Your Statist Advisors!! Party Like It's 1066! Party Like It's 1666! Party Like It's 1773! Party Like It's 1789! Party Like It's 1789! Party Like It's 1789! Party Like It's 1789! Bring Out The Guillotine! Party Like It's 1789! Eliminate All Counter-Revolutionaries! Party Like It's 1789! Time for The Terror! Party Like It's 1932! Party Like It's 1933! Party Like It's 1934! Party Like it's May '68 Party Priniciples: Individual Rights, Small Government! Party Revolution 1789! We Demand Freedom From Government Opression!! Party Slogans Repository! Party Today: Tar and Feathers Tomorrow! Party Vertically! Party: It Worked in 1773. It's Working Now!! Party: It Worked in 1789! Bring Out The Guillotine! Patriot! Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel! Patriots Are On The March! Patriots Unite! Pay for My Army - I Need a New Car! Pay For Your OWN Air Force! Pay For Your OWN Army! Pay For Your OWN Defense! Pay For Your OWN Highways! Pay For Your OWN Medicare! Pay For Your OWN Military! Pay For Your OWN Military! Pay for Your OWN Mortgage! Pay For Your OWN Navy! Pay For Your OWN Space Program! Pay For Your OWN Spy Satellites! Pay For Your OWN Water Treatment! Pay Governmentional Salaries From Budget Surplus Only! Pay the Pirates - At Least They're Good At What They Do! Photo of Baby! Picture of a Firearm! Picture of Authority! Pictures of Pennies! Pink Slips for Those Who Voted for Laws! Piracy = Liberty - Government = Welfare! Piracy 2012: At Least We Know It's Theft! Piracy Is Historical! Piracy Is Not the Problem!! Piracy Made America, Not Government! Piracy, Not Welfare! Piracy, Yes - Government, No! Piracy: Trickle Up! Please Don't Help Me Anymore! I Can't Afford It!! Politicians Lied and the Economy Died!! PORK - Something's Not Kosher!! Pork Spending - Makin' Bacon the Political Way!! Pork the Other Meat! PORK vertically! Power Corrupts - Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely! Power Corrupts, But Guns are AWESOME! Power Is the Problem - How Can It Be the Solution, Too?! Power is Truth! Power to the People!! Power to the People... With GUNS!! Printing Money Emits Greenhouse Gases! Propaganda of the Deed!! Protect My Rights, Don't Violate Them!! Protect the Rights of the Smallest Minority: the INDIVIDUAL!! Protesting Is Not a Terrorist Act! Protesting Is Not a Terrorist Act! So DON'T Make Me Shoot You! Proud American Capitalist! Proud Bitter Clinger!! Proud Owner! Proud to Be an American - No Apologies, No Bowing, No Boot Licking! Proud to Be an American - Not Envious of Government! Public Schools: Statist Re-Education Camps! Put shaky marks on last! Put the Grownups Back in Charge! Putting the CON in Government! Pyramid from the Back of $1 Bill! R.I.P. Free Market Economy! R.I.P. Free Market Economy! Re-Declaration of Independance Day! Re-Elect NOBODY! Read "Atlas Shrugged"!! Read 1984? We're Living It!! Read Article X! Read Atlas Shrugged... Now in the Non-Fiction Section!! Read History - Read the Bill - Don't Repeat Either! Read My Gun: NO MORE Governments! Read My Lipstick: No More Governments! Read My Lipstick: No New Laws! Read My Lipstick: No New Laws!! Read My Teleprompter: NO NEW LAWS! Read my Television: NO MORE GOVERNMENTS! Read My Television: NO NEW LAWS! Read the 10th Amendment, Or I Will Shoot You! Read the 10th Amendment!! Read the Constitution! Read the Constitution! Or I Will Shoot You! Read the Declaration of Independence - Sound Familiar?! Reagan Is Rolling Over in His Grave!! REBUILD THIS WALL! RECALL Government! Recall the Elected! Red, White and Blue-Blooded CONSTITUTIONAL American!! Redistribution just means less for everyone! Reduce Your Government Footprint! Refuse to Be a Serf! Reject Government! Reject the pigs! Relax and enjoy!! Remember 9/11! Remember Us: WE THE PEOPLE! Remember Us? WE THE PEOPLE! Remove the Counter-Revolutionaries from the Party!! REPEAL ALL LAWS! Repeal Eminent Domain!! Repeal Everything but the 2nd Amendment!! Repeal the 10th Amendment!! Repeal the 10th Amendment!! Repeal the 11th Amendment!! Repeal the 12th Amendment!! Repeal the 13th Amendment!! Repeal the 14th Amendment!! Repeal the 15th Amendment!! Repeal the 17th Amendment!! Repeal the 18th Amendment!! Repeal the 18th Amendment!! Repeal the 18th Amendment!! Repeal the 18th Amendment!! Repeal the 19th Amendment!! Repeal the 1st Amendment!! Repeal the 20th Amendment!! Repeal the 21th Amendment!! Repeal the 3rd Amendment!! Repeal the 4th Amendment!! Repeal the 5th Amendment!! Repeal the 6th Amendment!! Repeal the 7th Amendment!! Repeal the 8th Amendment!! Repeal the 9th Amendment!! REPEAL THE GOVERNMENT! Repeal the Pork or Your Bacon is Cooked! Repeal The Pork! Close the Bases! Repeal The Pork! Eliminate All Military Spending! REPEAL THE PORK!! REPENT! REPENT! Repent! REPENT!!! Resist Constitutional Control Freaks! Resist Control! Resist Evil - Defend Liberty! Resist Government Serfdom! Restore America's Decency Laws!! Restore Constitutional Law! Restore the Republic - Revolt Against Government! Restore the Republic, Revolt Against Government! Revoke Authority's Visa... Card!! Revolution is Brewing! Revolution is Brewing! Revolution is Brewing... At the POLLS! Revolution, Baby, Revolution!! Revolution: Part 2! Revolution: Part II! Revolution: Reloaded! Revolution! All Incumbents Out!! Reward Responsibility, Not Irresponsibility! Reward Responsibility, Not Irresponsibility! Right Wing Extremist On Board! RISE UP - RELOAD - REVOLT! Rise, America, Rise!! Robberies - Punished! Ruled Enough Already!! Ruled to Death by Governments! Run the Counter-Revolutionaries Out on a Rail!! Rush Is Right! Dominican Prostitutes are Awesome!! Rush Is Right! Drugs are Good!! Rush Is Right! Parkinson's Disease is Funny!! S. Save; O. Our; S. Sovereignty! Sack Goldman Sachs! Save A Forest, - Stop Printing Money! Save a Tree! Stop Printing Money!! Save the American Dream!! Save the children - Stop spending their money! Save the Children - Stop Spending Their Money! Save the Dollar! Save The Guns!! Save The People - NO GOVERNMENT! Save Trees - Go Back to the Gold Standard! Say No To $lavery! Say No to American Government! Say NO to Authority! Say NO to Banks! Say NO to Generational Theft! Say NO to Global Commerce! Say NO to Government! Say NO to Laws! Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say! Scorn In The USA - Sung to Born in the USA! Seal The Borders NOW! Send Foreign Aid to American Subjects! Serf's Up!! Sheep are all right animals! Show me the spot! Show Trial!! Silence Is Consent! Silence IS Consent! Sleep? I'll Sleep When Freedom-Lovers Run Government! Smash the State!! Smash the State!!! Smash the State!!!! Smash the State!!!!! Smash the State!!!!!! Smashing the State! BRB!! Smile - Homeland Security is Watching You! Sniff My Guns While You're At It! SO MOTE IT BE! SO MOTE IT BE!! SO MOTE IT BE!!! So You Say I Got A Funny Face? I Got No Worries! So You Think I Got An Evil Mind? I Tell You Honey! I Don't Know Why! So You Think My Singin's Out Of Time? It Makes Me Money! Solve Problems; Don't Sweep Them Under the Table! Solve Problems; Don't try to Buy Them! Some say it's just a part of it - they've got to fulfill the book! Some say it's just a part of it! Sometimes none of the answers get it just right! Sometimes You Need a Government Before You Get Freedom! SOS: Save Our States! Special Election NOW! Special Election OR ELSE! Spread What Wealth?! State repression!! Step Outside of the Flock and Recognize the Wolf! Stimulate Liberty, Not Government! Stimulate Liberty, Not Government! Stop Bankrupting America! STOP CONTROLLING OUR CHILDREN! Stop Feeding the Plant, Seymour!! Stop Giving Away Our Money and Our Country! Stop Giving to Charity: Just Send it to Washington! Stop Global Warming - Gag Constitutional Politicians! Stop Governing and Start Obeying!! Stop Government Without Representation! STOP Government!! Stop Lawing My Pocket and My Patience!! Stop Printing Away Our Future!! Stop Punishing Success - Stop Rewarding Failure! Stop Punishing Success; Stop Rewarding Failure! Stop Sending the Incumbents Back to D.C! Stop Spending Imaginary Money! Stop Stealing From Our Children! Stop the and Money Grab!! Stop the Destruction!! Stop the Looting! Stop The Looting! Stop the Looting! Start The Shooting! Stop the Madness - Stop Alien Welfare! Stop The Madness! Stop The Madness! Or I Will Shoot You! Stop the March to Government! Stop the Voters!! Stop the Zimbabwean Economics!! Stop THEIF!!! STOP! You're Starting to Scare George Orwell! Strength lies not in defense but in Attack! Stress Test the Government! Stupid! Subprime Governments are NOT in the Constitution! Subsidizing Bad Behavior Encourages More! Subsidizing Corporations is NUTS!! Take Care of Our Seniors - They Made Our Country Great! Take the money and run! TANSTAAFL!! TEA = Time Enough for Freedom! TEA = Tyranny Elimination Army! Tea Parties Aren't Just for Ladies Any More!! TEA! Theocracy Enfeebles America! Teach Us Our True American Heritage! Our Schools Don't!! Tear down this wall! Tear down this wall!! Tell me!! Term Limits for Government! Term Limits? Looks Like Authority Only Needs One Term!! Terminate Government!! Thank Guns for the 2nd Amendment! THANK YOU for Voting "NO" to Insanity! Thank You, Authority - You Have Awakened the Sleeping Giant!! Thank You, Corporate Media! THANK YOU!! That Luxury Jet was Over-the-Top! That's More Bull Than My Cows!! The 2nd Amendment Defends All the Rest!! The Answer is Fewer Laws. Next question?! The Answer to 1789 is 1776! The Answer to 1789 is 1789! The Answer to 1984 Is 1776! The Audacity of Rampant Government! The Authority Nation Is an Abomination! The bad boys are gonna set you right Rock on Rock on Rock on! The Best Institution May Be Abused By Human Depravity - George Washington! The buck stops in the voting booth! The Buck Stops in the Voting Booth! The Constitution is NOT FOR SALE!! The Constitution Is Not Multiple Choice! The constitution is not some silly piece of paper! The Constitution: The Other Document! The Current Government Is What our Founding Fathers Tried To Prevent!! The die is cast! The doom of a nation can be averted only by a storm of flowing passion! The Economy Would Stimulate If Government Would Bail Out! The Family Values Thing Is Over!! The Fed: Rich Private Bankers - Government: Handmaidens to the Fed! The Federal Reserve - The Only Legal Counterfeiter! The Founding Fathers Are Turning in Their Graves! The Founding Fathers Were Not Governments! The Goal of Government is Communism! The Goverment Is Not My Daddy!! The Goverment Is Not My Mommy!! The Governed Do Not Consent!! The Government Has No Money - It Is All OURS! The Government is Stealing From ALL OF US! The Government That Does the Least Protects the Most! The guarantee that we will not die of starvation has been purchased with the guarantee that we will die of boredom! The Gun Is My Party! The Guns of Freedom! The Invisible Dictatorship! The IRS Is 96 Years Old - Let It Die!! The Is How Patriots Act! The lost land will only be won back by the Force of Arms! The Meaning of Authority!! The media is ignoring this! The Media Is No Longer Relevent - Bloggers: The New Government Watch Dogs!! The Navy Seals Couldn't Have Done It Without You, Mr. President! The Nazis Were Corporatists! The New Deal: Franklin Roosevelt's Contribution to Government! The New Hope: To Aspire to Mediocrity! The New Third Party: The Party! The Only "Change" We've Seen Is Government's Promises! The Only Fair Law Is NO Law!! The Only Pork I Want to See Is on My Plate!! The Only Sure Thing in the Future Is Authority and Laws! The Only Thing We Need to Cap & Trade Is Government Control & Spending! The Oppression of Language! The Party Is My Party! The People Are the BOSS! The Pirates That Scare Me Are in Washington, D.C! The Press Loved Mussolini! The Problem Is Not Liquidity - The Problem Is Insolvency! The problem with Government! The Real Forgotten Man! The Reichstag is on Fire! The Silent Majority Speaks Out - D.C. Had Better Listen! The stuff dreams are made of! The Television Screen is the Retina of the Mind's Eye! The Termites Have Been Silently Eating Away Our Foundation for Decades! The Urge to Legislate Is the Urge to Destroy! The TREE is THIRSTY for BLOOD! The Tree of Liberty Is Looking a Little Parched! The Tree of Liberty Must Be Refreshed NOW! THE TREE WANTS BLOOD! LIBERTY TREE WANTS BLOOD! The Very Small List: Things Government Does Well! The Victor will Never Be Asked if He told the Truth! The Wolves Are At The Door - And They Come From Washington! Their Plan: Equality Through Poverty! Theocracy Accepts 10% - Why Can't Government?! Theocracy Only Requires 10%! There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch!! There Is No "ISM" in America! There were many of us but not enough! There's No Such Thing As a Free Lunch! These Guns of Freedom! These songs of freedom! They are not so nice! They May Take Our Lives, But They'll Never Take Our Freedom!! They Think We're Stupid! They Think We're Stupid!! They Wouldn't Be Trying to Smear Us If They Weren't Afraid of Us! They're Making Us Pay for Our Own Destruction!! We Have Guns! FEAR US!!! FEAR US!!! This Is a Community Organized!! This Is How PATRIOTS ACT! This Is My Country and I'm Not Surrendering It! This is not 'Nam! This is Bowling! There are Rules! This is Not What Our Ancestors Died For! This is our pay, so we do have a say!! This Is Our Pay, So We Do Have a Say!! This is the War of the Future! This Isn't a Left-Right Thing - It's a Right-Wrong Thing! This Isn't the Change We Had Hoped For! THIS TIME We Came Unarmed! We Came Unarmed, THIS Time! This Time We Came Unarmed... NEXT TIME WE WILL SHOOT YOU! Thomas Jefferson! Those Who Can, Do - Those Who Can't, Nationalize! Those Who Have the Ability to Do Something Have the Responsibility to Do So! Thou Shalt Not Steal! Threatening You With My Gun is NOT Terrorism! Throw Government Under the Bus! Throw Government Under the Bus! Throw Out Reprobate Judges!! Throw the Bums Out!! Tierra y Libertad!! Time for a New Gun! Time to Remove the CON From Government!! To do what? To whom?! To The Best of OUR Ability! NOT From Those of Ability To Those Without!! Too Big to Fail - Too Small to Survive! Too Much Government - Too Little Freedom! Toxic Assets? Toxic Government!! Treacherous Leaders Cause Treacherous Times! TREASONOUS MEDIA: The Same Laws Should Apply to You! Trickle Up Poverty! Truth, Justice and Real Transparency in Washington! Two words for our elected officals: VOTING BOOTH! Tyranny: Making Offers We Can't Refuse! Tyrants! WE WANT YOUR BLOOD! U.S. Out Of U.N! Unalienable Rights Hijacked! Unemployed! Need a Government! United Government States of America! United States of France! Unworthy of Media Coverage! Up Against the Wall Motherfuckers! Up With Guns! Up with the Republic - Down with Politicians! Uphold the Constitution! USA - Not USSA!! Use "Founders" pictures! Use "hope" poster! Use a double meaming! Use a pic of Reagan/JFK!! Use Abraham Lincoln! Use Children and the Elderly! Use crossed out N's! Use Emotion for the Many! Reserve Reason for the Few! Use Government Salaries To Pay For The Government! Use hammer & sickle! Use Hillary quote! Use John F. Kennedy! Use kids! Use Lincoln at Gettysburg! Use luggage w/labels! Use on a pink sign! Use pix of sailing ship! Use Ronald Reagan! Use Samuel Adams 1764! Use their anti-Bush battlecry! Use Their Battlecry! USSA - No Way!! Volunteering Is a Matter of the Heart, Not Government! Vote Out ALL Who Voted!! Vote the Neo-Commies OUT!! Vote the Pirates Out in 2010! Voters: Feel Foolish Yet? Next Election, Do Your Homework!! Voting Out Is As Easy As Voting In - Let's Do It! Wage Slave!! Wake Up America, Before Your Liberty is Gone! Wake Up America, Stop the Insanity!! Wake Up, America! Before It's Too Late!! Wall Street Got a Government; All I Got Was The Bill! Was the USA Arrogant When We Saved Government From the Nazis?! Washington DC: A Confederacy of Dunces! Washington, D.C. - Steeped in Corruption! Washington's Job: Protecting Us From Our Enemies, Without and WITHIN! Waste Not Want Not!! Water the Tree of Liberty With My GUN! Way to Vote, America!! We ARE American Patriots! We are Anonymous! We are Anonymous. We are Legion! We are Legion! We Are Not to Be Trifled With! We Are Not Tolerant of Treason!! We Are Ruled Coming and Going and Silenced Traveling in Between! We Are Waving Loaded Guns! We Came Unarmed... This Time! We Came Unarmed... THIS Time! We Can't Afford Any More Change!! We Can't Govern Ourselves Into Prosperity! We do not forget! We do not forgive! We do not forgive. We do not forget! We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us. We Do Not Want To Be Part of Government!! We Don't Buy Your Lies & China Won't Buy Your Authority! We Don't Need Authority Destroying Our Great Nation! We Don't Want No Stinkin Government!! We Don't Want No Stinkin' Government!! WE DON'T WANT NOTHIN', NOT A THING FROM YOU! We Don't Want Pork, We Want Liberty! We Eat, Therefore We Hunt! We Elected a President, Not a Sugar Daddy!! We fought in this generation, triumphantly! We Have Freedom and We WILL Keep It!! We have had enough; Stop rewarding failure! We have no use for knights; We need Revolutionaries! We have to be just as vocal as the other side!! We hoped for the best, but it turned out as usual! We Know What's Going On! We Lose Our Jobs While Government Takes a Pay Raise! We Need to Start Drinking TEA and Stop Drinking Kool-Aid!! We Sacrificed Our Children, But We'll Fight For Our Money!! We shall fight on the Beaches! With our Guns! We Spent Our Budget on R and D - Now It's Time for a T-Party! We the People Have Come a Knockin'! We the People Have Come a Knockin'! And We Have Guns! We the People Have Come a Knockin'! Next Time We Won't Knock! We the People Have Guns! We the People Have HAD It!! We the People WILL Be Heard - Stop Treading on Freedom!! WE The People: YOU Our Servants! We the People! We the People! Are Pointing Guns At You! We Want an In-Depth Investigation of Authority!! We Want Bartertown! We Want FAIR Laws!! We Want Freedom From Law Slavery!! We Work Hard So You Won't Have To! WE'LL FIGHT THE POWERS THAT BE JUST DON'T PICK OUR DESTINY! We'll Get Wild, Wild, Wild! We'll Get Wild, Wild, Wild! We'll Get Wild, Wild, Wild! We'll Help Set the Election Rules Hereafter! We're a Bit Upset and Thinking About Writing a Sternly Worded Letter!! We're All Serfs Now! We're Asking Nice This Time - Don't Make Us Ask Again!! We're Asking Nice This Time - Next Time I Stick a Gun in your Face! We're Asking Nice This Time - Next Time We Ask With Bullets!! We're Asking Nice This Time - Next Time We Shoot First!! We're Asking Nice This Time - Next Time We Use Violence!! We're Asking Nice This Time - Next Time We Will Shoot You!! We're Asking Nice This Time - This Is An Open Threat!! We're Not All Republicans!! We're Not Going to Take It Anymore! We're Not Going to Take It! No! We Ain't Gonna Take It! We're Not Going to Take It!! We're not scare mongering! We're On The Road To Serfdom! We're the Dangerous Militia That Authority Is Worried About! WE'VE GOT THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE AND THERE AIN'T NO WAY WE'LL LOSE IT! We've got to fulfill the book! We've Hit Bottom! Wear pig costume! Welcome to America... Now Speak English!! Welcome to France! Welcome to the Fall of Rome! Welcome to the USSA! And My GUN! Government + Borders = Bankruptcy! WELL ALL I GOT TO SAY TO YOU IS TIME AND TIME AGAIN I SAY, "NO!" Well I'm an axegrinder! Piledriver! Mother says that I never never mind her! Well I'm remonstrated! Outdated! I really want to be over-rated! Whack Government! It's Political Payback!! What? Which people? What Are We Really Paying For?! What Are We Waiting For?... For Them to Listen to Us?! What do I care about my yesterday's waffle! What Do You Expect From a Social Worker in the White House?! What Ever Happened to Responsibility?! What God Do You Kill For? What Has a Nation-State Done for You Lately?! What it is that we do! What Law? It's Free Speech, Stupid! What Money! There Isn't Any!! What Now?! What Part of "Illegal" Don't You Get?! What part of nO don't you understand?! What Would Jefferson Do?! What Would Jefferson Do?! What Would Zombie Reagan Do?! What's A Dollar Worth These Days?! What's Good for Executives Is Good for the Rest! Give It Back!! What's in YOUR wallet? OUR MONEY!!! What's in Your Wallet. Wait a Sec... That's MY Wallet!!!! When Did the Treasury Department Become Part of Government?! When Did They Stop Teaching American History?! When Government Owns It All, How Will They Legislate?! When Laws Rise, Freedom Dies! When You Elect Clowns, Expect A Circus!! When You Stand for Nothing, You'll Fall for Anything! When You're in a Hole, Stop Digging!! Where Are the Jobs?! Where Is My Gun?! Where is Waving Loaded Guns?! Where's My Government?! Where's Our Government?! Where's The Fence?! While we stand aside and look! Who in Washington Cares About AMERICA?! Who is in charge? WE ARE!! Who is still believing those people?! Who Rules Bartertown? Who Will Bail Out the Government?! Who Will be Left to Government the Government?! Who's in a bunker?! Who's in a bunker?! WHO'S THE FUCKING NIHILIST HERE! Who's the Person Behind the Authority?! Who's the Person Behind the Bank?! Who's the Person Behind the Disinfo?! Who's the Person Behind the Government?! Who's the Person Behind the Gun?! Who's the Person Behind the Lobbyist?! Who's the Person Behind the Money?! Who's the Person Behind the Teleprompter?! Why Are You Afraid of Rush and Hannity But Not Terrorists?! Why Ask Why!! Why Destroy Millions of Jobs for a Temperature Change?! Why Do You Think They Call It Government? Because It's Not RIGHT!! Why Should I Pay for YOUR Bad Decisions?! Why Should I Pay for YOUR Bad Decisions?! Wild, Wild, Wild! Will Corporations Pay Us to Protest, Too?! Will the Media Mention Us? Will They Notice My Gun!? Will the Media Mention Us?! Will There Be an Election in 2010?! Will Work for Fewer Laws! Wipe Voter Roles Clean! Wipe Voter Roles Clean!! With all due respect, You Are An Asshole! With My Stimulis Money I Bought More Paint and Poster Board! Without a Hostage, There is No Ransom! Women and children first! Won't you help to sing these songs of freedom! Work Harder: The Government Needs Your Cash! Workers of the World Unite!! Working Half the Year to Pay My Laws Isn't My Idea of Freedom! Would We Obey the Constitution If It Was on Television?! Yes I Can! Yes I Can! WITH MY GUN! Yes We Can: Stop the Governments and Earmarks!! Yes We Can: Stop the Governments and Earmarks!! YES WE CAN... HAVE EVERYTHING FOR FREE!! You Are Not Entitled to What I Earn! You Are Public Servants - Now Serve!! You Broke it, You Own it! You Can't Borrow to Prosperity! You Can't Fix Stupid, But You Can Vote It Out! You Can't Multiply Wealth by Dividing it! You Can't Multiply Wealth By Dividing It! You Can't Spend Your Way Out of Authority! You Can't SPEND Your Way Out Of Authority!! You Cannot Help the Poor by Destroying the Rich! You Didn't Work Hard for What I Have! You Know What They Say About the Tree of Liberty! You Know Why Governments Love Laws? They Don't Pay Any!! You ONLY have the Rights You are Willing to Fight For! You Promised Hope and Change - You Offended the Pope and Left Us Broke!! You Will Fail! We Will Prevail! Guns Bless America!! You Will Fail! We Will Prevail!! You Work for US!! Your Army is NOT My Problem! Your Fair Share Is NOT in My Pocket!! Your Laws at Work! Your Life Is Not My Problem! YOUR LIFE IS TRITE AND JADED! BORING AND CONFISCATED! Your Pork Broke My Piggy Bank! Земля и Воля Zemlya i Volya!! Disconnect from All Meaning! Why Would a Wookie Want To Live on Endor?! Why Would a Wookie Want To Live on Endor?! Why would a Wookiee - an eight-foot tall Wookiee - want to live on Endor?! Why would a Wookiee - an eight-foot tall Wookiee - want to live on Endor?! Why would a Wookiee want to live with a bunch of two-foot tall Ewoks?! Why would a Wookiee want to live with a bunch of two-foot tall Ewoks?! If Chewbacca lives on Endor, you must acquit! Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt! Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt! Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt! Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt! How long shall we kill our Profits! Argumentum Ad Metum! Argumentum in Terrorem! Argumentum Ad Baculum! Never Allow The Public To Cool Off! Never Admit A Fault Or Wrong! Never Concede That There May Be Some Good In Your Enemy! Never Leave Room For Alternatives! Never Accept Blame! Concentrate On One Enemy At A Time! Blame the Enemy For Everything That Goes Wrong! Be Illegal! I Accidentally The Economy! The first thing we do, let's kill all the Lobbyists! We Are The Sons Of No One, Bastards Of Young! We Are The Sons Of No One, Bastards Of Young! We Are The Sons Of No One, Bastards Of Young! Efficiency And Progress Is Ours Once More! All Systems Go To Kill The Poor Tonight! Jobless Millions Whisked Away! At Last We Have More Room To Play! It's the Suede/Denim Secret Police! They Have Come for Your Uncool Niece!!

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