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What is The LubberNet MasterNode? The amoristic-piratic literary epicenter.

What is LubberNet?
LubberNet is a laboratory concerned primarily with the proliferation of highly
multifarious combinatoric mutations of love, piracy and fine literature. Right!?

How To Use LubberNet


  • Mi estas vegetarano.
    • mee EST-ahs veh-geh-tah-RAH-noh
    • (I am a vegetarian)
  • Mi estas vegetalano.
    • mee EST-ahs veh-geh-tah-LAH-noh
    • (I am a vegan)
  • Mi ne man^gas viandon, fi^sa^jon, ova^jon, a~u lakta^jon.
    • mee neh MAHN-jahs vee- AHN-dohn, fee-SHAH-zhohn, oh-VAH-zhohn, ow lahk-TA-zhohn.
    • (I don't eat meat, fish, eggs, or dairy products)
  • ^Cu vi havas iujn vegetarajn pladojn?
    • choo vee HAH-vahs EE-ooyn veh-geh-TAH-rine PLAH-doyn
    • (Do you have any vegetarian dishes?)
  • Mi amas bestojn, tial mi ne man^gas ilin.
    • Mee AH-mahs BEST-oyn, TEE-ahl mee neh MAHN-jahss EE-leen
    • (I love animals, so I don't eat them)

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